Frequently Asked Questions about Bankruptcy

Do You Have Problems Paying Bills? Are Meeting Financial Obligations Becoming Too Much? . . . Should I File Bankruptcy?

How Can I Get More Time To Straighten Up My Finances?

I Am Being Threatened By Repossession, Foreclosure, Tax Levy, Or Judgment Execution - How Do I Protect Myself (& My Family)?

What Type Of Bankruptcy Is Appropriate For Me?

What are the Costs And Fees For Filing Bankruptcy?

I Feel "Ashamed" Or "Guilty" About Filing For Bankruptcy



Financial problems have a way of quickly escalating out of control and becoming very intimidating! It is not long before they are impacting all aspects of your life including additional stresses at work, home and personal / family relationships. I will be able to guide you, and together we will be able to determine the best solution for your individual situation.


Should I File Bankruptcy?


Bankruptcy is about starting over. It is about ending the debt collector calls and putting the credit burden behind you. I have prepared this site to help you get sufficient information to me so I may properly advise you concerning bankruptcy issues and if it is right for you. If consumer/credit card debt has you buried, if creditors are calling at all hours, if you have been threatened with lawsuits and other collection activities, if the IRS is making demands on you which you feel is impossible to meet, you will find comprehensive information in this bankruptcy site to help you.

This site is about credit management, debt relief, and bankruptcy. It is not a billboard. I am here to help consumers and businesses alike with credit, debt, Chapter 7 Straight Bankruptcy, Chapter 11 Reorganization of a businesss, Chapter 12 Adjustment of Debts of a Family Farmer or Rancher, and Chapter 13 Wage Earner Bankruptcy.

Feel no shame, do not feel guilty - credit card companies are making billions off of 21%+ credit cards. Americans are taught from early on to want and consume goods and services. Then life events get turned around. Bad times come. Loss of job, business, or spouse can cause you to lose financial control. This is not your fault.

Stopping Creditor Harassment !  Today !

Filing a bankruptcy places into effect an "automatic stay".

An automatic stay is legal concept that prevents creditors from taking any collection action without prior approval from the bankruptcy court.

  • What that means to you,a person who has filed bankruptcy is that creditors must stop calling,
  • The IRS must withdraw any levies or wage garnishments,
  • The car company must not repossess,
  • The mortgage company may not foreclose. An automatic stay is AUTOMATIC upon the filing of a bankruptcy petition. The automatic stay requires no action on any persons part to go into effect.
  • Because we file your case directly with the U.S. Bankruptcy clerk online, it is possible for you to have almost immediate relief once you and I have discussed and agreed to a mutually acceptable payment schedule.

Online Bankruptcy Tool(s)

Filing for Bankruptcy requires a lot of documentation which can, at first appear to be more than a little overwhelming and many times discourages people from acting as quickly as they should do. My website provides you with two options:

1)  Click Here: Complete a simple, short questionnaire which will enable me to contact you and have an informal discussion to discuss the best alternatives for your particular situation.

2)  Click here: Access our comprehensive online tool which collects almost all the detailed inform

ation which I will use to advise you regarding your best options under current law.

If you decide to take this step you will have no obligation to retain me, but I have found that a non threatening conversation will answer many of your questions and lower your anxiety level. With my 36 years of experience, and the information derived from these tools, I can provide faster and more precise answers to your questions. The process is designedto provide several benefits, including determining the best course of action for you under the new bankruptcy laws. 

Solve Your Debt Problems

You are looking at this website because you are looking for a solution to a financial problem. This website has been designed to introduce you to some basic bankruptcy concepts, and to introduce you to myself, Larry Vick, and my office. My years of law practice includes service as a Chapter 7 trustee, an attorney for several Chapter 11 Creditors Committees, trial experience in most of the juristictions in Texas, and two terms in the Texas state legislature. My experience equips me to assist you with a broad range of legal issues.

When you retain Larry Vick, you can immediately refer creditors to me. Any further contact from bill collectors is restricted by the Federal Consumer Credit Protection Act. Evening and weekend appointments available. Initial interview at no charge.

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